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About Dominik Eaton, M.A.

Like many children, Dominik has been training martial arts since he could hold a stick and whack weeds. Ever since he has been improving on his technique. During his upbringing he has studied various armed and unarmed martial arts. Since 2014 he has been focussing on historical Swordsmanship, starting his own club in 2017 and going fully professional after his graduation from University. Having studied Philosophy and Anthropology, Dominik is interested in any expression of conflict, be it with arguments, dance or arms. His broad education enables him to adapt to the needs and capabilities of individual students, making his lessons among other things an experience of self-discovery. His expertise lies in the german Tradition, in particular with the fighting system of Joachim Meyer which includes the Longsword, Dussack, Rapier, Dagger, Wrestling, Quarterstaff, Halberd and Pike. 

Furthermore he has trained customary Zulu stickfighting in KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa.

Dominik is the proud father of a daughter.

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