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Our Club

We are a club that offers a social and friendly learning environment for anyone interested in the medieval, renaissance and early modern martial arts of Europe. Our democratic club structures allows for the integration of any person regardless of age, gender, race or ability. Our competencies encompass most weapon classes and unarmed combat. Due to popular request we have been specializing in swords, both single- and twohanded ones.


Historical European Martial Arts is a blanket term that unites a broad variety of martial arts that were and still are practiced in Europe. It includes both armed and unarmed fighting systems. Our current fencing practice is inspired by historical manuscripts, printed sources and equipment that seeks to have comparable qualities to weapons used in close quarter combat. Considering systematic instructions for close combat, the sources reach as far back as the 14th century.

                                  Cultivating Virtue

Ever since its philosophical conception in antiquity, virtue has defined the qualities and dispositions of a valuable person. The connection between martial arts and virtue is constant through both time and geography. When we train martial arts, we don't only learn how to defend ourselves but we also cultivate our ability to feel, understand and act. What we learn in our martial practice benefits many other areas of everyday life through mindfulness, empathy, heightened confidence, physical competence and much more.

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